Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design

After much discussion here are some of the things we hope to include in the project.

  • Super efficient Double wall systems
  • High insulation values R24 foundation, R44 walls, R60 roof
  • Buried earth tubs to provide net-zero conditioning to the house all year round
  • Small electric heating coil as the building envelope will be super efficient
  • Air tight drywall insulation
  • Grid tied Solar PV array to generate electricity with goal of NET ZERO Energy
  • Rain water Harvesting for dishwasher, laundry, irrigation
  • Composting toilet
  • Triple paned efficient windows
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Materials all RED LIST READY (no bad stuff = no bio accumulative toxins)

We are excited to get this project moving.

The house will be monitored in construction and operation to verify the environmental performance as set out by the Living Building Challenge


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